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Backyard Wedding Rentals Checklist

Backyard Wedding Rentals Checklist

January 3, 2024

When planning a backyard wedding, the approach to rentals distinctly differs from that of a traditional venue wedding. The charm and intimacy of a backyard setting offer a blank canvas, but it also means you’ll likely need to think more comprehensively about what to rent to bring your vision to life. Unlike established venues that often come with built-in amenities and decor, a backyard wedding requires a more personalized touch – from essential furniture to decorative elements that align with your theme and space. This level of customization not only enhances the uniqueness of your event but also demands careful consideration of practical needs such as seating, shelter, and lighting. In this piece, we explore the top things to rent for your backyard wedding, providing insights into how to transform your personal space into a dreamy and functional wedding location. Whether it’s about creating a cozy, elegant, or whimsical atmosphere, understanding the nuances of backyard wedding rentals is key to orchestrating a memorable and smoothly-run event.

Here’s a detailed explanation for each essential item for a backyard wedding:


Lighting is crucial for creating the right ambiance at a backyard wedding, especially if the event extends into the evening. It enhances the beauty of the surroundings while providing essential illumination for safety and comfort. String lights, lanterns, or LED candles can add a romantic glow, guiding guests around the space and highlighting key areas like the dance floor and seating.

Additionally, proper lighting is essential for photography and videography, ensuring that every special moment is captured beautifully. It’s important to balance aesthetic appeal with practicality, ensuring walkways are well-lit and key features of the venue are showcased.

Dance Floor

A dance floor is a central feature of any wedding reception, providing a designated space for guests to dance and celebrate. In a backyard setting, a dance floor is even more important to provide a stable, flat surface, protecting guests from uneven ground or grass. It defines the entertainment area and encourages guests to participate in the festivities.

The dance floor also serves as a visual anchor for the reception layout, around which tables, chairs, and other elements can be arranged. It’s an opportunity to express personal style, whether through a traditional wooden floor or a more contemporary look with LED lighting.


Chairs are essential for guest comfort during both the ceremony and reception. They offer a place to sit and enjoy the festivities, especially during key moments like vows, toasts, and meal times. It’s important to choose chairs that complement the wedding’s theme and are comfortable enough for extended sitting.

For a backyard wedding, durability and stability on grass or uneven surfaces are key considerations. Chairs also play a significant role in the overall aesthetic, and their arrangement can enhance the intimacy and flow of the wedding.


Providing adequate restroom facilities is a practical necessity for a backyard wedding. Guests need convenient and comfortable access to restrooms throughout the event. For larger weddings or if the home’s facilities are insufficient, renting high-quality portable restrooms is a respectful and necessary provision for guests.

These facilities should be easily accessible, well-lit, and preferably in line with the wedding’s style. Luxury restroom trailers can offer a more elegant solution, equipped with amenities such as running water, lighting, and air conditioning.


A tent is a vital element for a backyard wedding, providing shelter from the elements for guests, the food service area, and the entertainment setup. It ensures that the celebration can continue comfortably regardless of weather conditions, be it sun or rain. Tents can also create a defined and intimate space for the celebration, contributing to the overall decor and theme.

When selecting a tent, consider the size, type (such as pole tents or frame tents), and any additional features like sidewalls or windows. It’s also an opportunity to get creative with drapery, lighting, and floral decorations to enhance the ambiance.


A bar area serves as a social hub for guests, offering refreshments and contributing to the festive atmosphere. It’s a central point where guests can gather, mingle, and enjoy a variety of drinks. Offering a selection of beverages, from cocktails and wines to non-alcoholic options, caters to all guests’ preferences.

The bar should be conveniently located, well-stocked, and staffed by professional bartenders. Its design can also reflect the wedding’s theme, whether it’s a rustic wooden bar for a country-style wedding or a sleek, modern setup for a more contemporary feel.


Linens, including tablecloths, napkins, and runners, play a significant role in the visual appeal of a wedding. They add color, texture, and elegance to tables and other surfaces. The choice of linens can complement the wedding’s color scheme and theme, tying together various elements of the decor.

High-quality linens not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to the overall guest experience, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to dining and seating areas. They should be chosen to withstand outdoor conditions and be appropriate for the style of the event.


Tables are necessary for dining, displaying the wedding cake, and holding gifts and guest books. They serve as gathering points for guests during the reception and are essential for the organization and flow of the event. The selection of tables (round, rectangular, or a mix) can influence the seating arrangements and interaction among guests.

Tables also offer a canvas for creative decoration, from centerpieces to table settings. They should be sturdy and appropriate for outdoor use, ensuring stability on uneven ground and resistance to weather conditions.


Decor sets the tone and personalizes a backyard wedding, transforming a familiar space into a unique and magical setting. From floral arrangements and signage to special touches like photo displays or themed elements, decor reflects the couple’s style and story. It’s an opportunity to create a memorable and visually stunning environment

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