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Should I Play Cooper Kupp This Week?

Should I Play Cooper Kupp This Week?

October 23, 2023
should i play cooper kupp this week

Should I Play Cooper Kupp This Week?

Fantasy football enthusiasts face a perennial conundrum each week – who should be in their starting lineup and who should ride the bench? One player who has been a constant topic of discussion this season is Cooper Kupp. As you consider your lineup for the upcoming week, you might be wondering, “Should I play Cooper Kupp this week?” In this blog post, we’ll delve into the factors you should consider when making this decision. We’ll break it down into several key aspects to help you make an informed choice.

Section 1: Cooper Kupp’s Season Performance

To determine whether you should play Cooper Kupp this week, the first step is to evaluate his performance so far this season. Cooper Kupp has been an absolute fantasy football stud in the 2023 season. He’s consistently been a top performer and has proven himself as one of the most reliable wide receivers. With his rapport with quarterback Matthew Stafford, Kupp has consistently put up impressive numbers.

In the first quarter of the season, Kupp scored a remarkable five touchdowns and averaged over 100 yards per game. These statistics are undoubtedly eye-catching, making him a top choice for any fantasy team. If your league rewards touchdowns and yardage, Kupp is an excellent option for your starting lineup.

Section 2: Matchup Analysis

One of the critical aspects of deciding whether to play Cooper Kupp this week is analyzing the matchup. A favorable matchup can significantly boost a player’s fantasy production, while a tough opponent can limit their output. This week, the Rams are set to face a formidable defense, which is crucial to consider. But it’s not just about this week; it’s about the next few weeks as well.

The Rams’ upcoming matchups are worth noting. Over the next four weeks, they’ll face a mix of tough and favorable opponents. This week, they are going up against the league’s top-ranked pass defense. However, in the coming weeks, the schedule includes matchups against teams with weaker pass defenses, which could be prime opportunities for Kupp to shine.

Section 3: Injury Status

Injury status plays a pivotal role in deciding whether to play a player in fantasy football. Cooper Kupp has been relatively injury-free this season, which is great news for fantasy owners. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on injury reports as the week progresses. Even minor injuries can impact a player’s performance, so staying informed is crucial.

As of now, Kupp appears to be in good health. But it’s always wise to monitor the practice reports and injury updates as game day approaches, especially when looking ahead to the next few weeks.

Section 4: Your Team’s Needs

Ultimately, the decision to play Cooper Kupp this week should come down to your team’s specific needs. If your team is projected to have a close matchup this week, you might want to play it safe with Kupp. On the other hand, considering the favorable matchups in the weeks to come, starting him could set you up for success.

With the Rams’ upcoming schedule in mind, you can strategize for multiple weeks. Plan ahead to maximize Kupp’s potential in the most favorable matchups and consider other options for tougher weeks.


Deciding whether to play Cooper Kupp this week involves careful consideration of various factors. We’ve looked at Kupp’s outstanding season, the challenging matchup this week, and the upcoming schedule. Injury status and your team’s needs also play a crucial role in this decision.

Fantasy football is all about strategy, and by taking a multi-week approach, you can optimize your chances of success. So, whether you choose to start Cooper Kupp or sit him this week, enjoy the experience and have fun competing with your friends.

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