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Miami Dolphins Running Backs 2023

Miami Dolphins Running Backs 2023

October 23, 2023
Dolphins 2023 Running Backs

Dolphins 2023 Running Backs

The Miami Dolphins have had their fair share of ups and downs when it comes to their running backs in the 2023 NFL season. From promising rookies to injury-prone veterans, the Dolphins have navigated a rollercoaster ride in their backfield. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of Dolphins running backs, discussing the challenges and triumphs they’ve faced, the impact of injuries on their season, and the prospects for the future. Let’s start by exploring the current roster of Dolphins running backs.

The Current Dolphins Running Backs

As of the 2023 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins have assembled a group of running backs with diverse skills and backgrounds, each contributing in their own way to the team’s success. The group includes seasoned veterans and promising young talents, creating a mix that brings excitement and hope to the Dolphins’ ground game.

  1. Jeff Wilson Jr. (#23): A North Texas alum, Wilson joined the Dolphins in 2022 from San Francisco. In eight games for Miami, he rushed for 392 yards and three touchdowns, along with 94 receiving yards. He has a career total of 18 rushing and five receiving touchdowns. His veteran presence adds depth and experience to the Dolphins’ backfield​​.

  2. Salvon Ahmed (#26): From the University of Washington, Ahmed has been with the Dolphins since 2020. He’s known for setting a Dolphins undrafted rookie record with 122 rushing yards in a game against New England. His career with Miami includes 532 rushing yards and four touchdowns over three seasons​​.

  3. De’Von Achane (#28): A 2023 draft pick from Texas A&M, Achane is notable for his impressive college stats, including 2,376 rushing yards, 554 receiving yards, and 28 total touchdowns. His speed and agility, evident from his track and field achievements, add a dynamic element to Miami’s offense​​.

  4. Alec Ingold (#30): A fullback from Wisconsin, Ingold is entering his second year with Miami after starting his NFL career with the Raiders. Known for his reliability as a pass-catcher, he has 43 career receptions and four touchdowns. Ingold’s versatility in both rushing and receiving plays an integral role in the Dolphins’ offensive strategies​​.

  5. Raheem Mostert (#31): Joining the Dolphins in 2022 from San Francisco, the Purdue alum had a standout 2022 season with 891 rushing yards and over 1,000 scrimmage yards. His experience and ability to perform as a lead back are crucial for Miami’s ground game​​.

  6. Chris Brooks (#33): An undrafted free agent from BYU, Brooks joined the Dolphins in 2023. His final college season saw him rushing for 813 yards and six touchdowns. Brooks’ college performance suggests potential as a powerful rusher for Miami​​.

This diverse group of running backs, combining seasoned professionals with promising new talent, is set to bolster the Dolphins’ offensive play in 2023.

Dolphins Injury Woes

Injuries have been a significant factor affecting the Dolphins’ running backs in the 2023 season. While they have the talent to be contenders, the rash of injuries has taken a toll on their performance. From hamstring strains to ankle sprains, the Dolphins’ running backs have faced numerous setbacks.

Impact of Injuries on the Dolphins

The injuries have had a profound impact on the Dolphins’ season. When key players like Howard, Breida, and Harris were sidelined, the running game’s production suffered. Injuries not only disrupted the flow of the offense but also put more pressure on the passing game. The lack of a consistent running threat made it easier for opposing defenses to focus on pass-rushing and coverage, affecting the overall team’s performance.

It became evident that the Dolphins needed to address their injury concerns and develop a more robust and dependable running back rotation. The team’s depth in the running back position was tested, and there were moments when it seemed insufficient to sustain a winning season.

Overcoming Adversity

Despite the injury setbacks, the Miami Dolphins have not given up hope. They understand the importance of adapting to challenges and continue to fight for a playoff spot. The coaching staff has adjusted game plans to maximize the remaining talent in the backfield, incorporating a variety of schemes and plays to make the most of the situation.

Injury management and rehabilitation have also become a priority for the Dolphins, as they aim to get their running backs back to peak performance. The team’s medical and training staff have been working tirelessly to help players recover faster and prevent future injuries.

The Future of Dolphins Running Backs

Looking ahead to the future, the Dolphins must address their running back situation to ensure a stable and productive ground game. This means evaluating the performance of the current roster, assessing their injury history, and making necessary changes.

The Offseason Plan

In the upcoming offseason, the Dolphins will need to explore options in the free agency and the draft to strengthen their running back group. Acquiring a durable, every-down back or securing additional depth will be a priority. They must find a player who can provide consistency in both rushing and pass protection, alleviating the pressure on the passing game and keeping the offense unpredictable.


The Miami Dolphins’ 2023 season has been marked by the challenges and triumphs of their running backs. Injuries have been a significant factor in the ups and downs of the running game. The Dolphins’ current running back group, a blend of veterans and rookies, holds promise for the future, but the team must address their injury concerns and plan for the upcoming offseason.

In the end, the success of the Dolphins’ running backs will play a pivotal role in the team’s journey towards becoming playoff contenders. By focusing on injury prevention and bolstering their backfield, the Dolphins can aspire to have a balanced and efficient offense, leading them to greater victories in the seasons to come. As Dolphins fans eagerly await the 2024 season, they hope to see a healthier, more dynamic backfield that can carry the team to success.

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