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Jalen Hurts Injury History

Jalen Hurts Injury History

November 26, 2023
jalen hurts injury

Jalen Hurts Injury History: Overcoming Adversity in the NFL

In the unpredictable world of professional football, injuries can be a player’s worst nightmare. One young NFL quarterback who knows this all too well is Jalen Hurts. Despite his promising career, Jalen Hurts has had to battle numerous injuries that have tested his resilience. This blog will take a deep dive into Jalen Hurts’ injury history and how he has managed to overcome these setbacks to continue making strides in the NFL.

Jalen Hurts: A Rising Star

Before delving into his injury history, it’s essential to understand Jalen Hurts’ journey to the NFL. The former Alabama and Oklahoma quarterback was known for his dual-threat abilities, making him an attractive prospect for NFL teams. Hurts was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, showing immense promise for the franchise. However, his journey has been far from smooth.

Rookie Season (2020)

  • High Ankle Sprain: Jalen Hurts suffered a significant injury during a game against the New Orleans Saints in December 2020. This high ankle sprain was a major setback in his rookie season with the Philadelphia Eagles​​.

2021 Season

  • Minor Injuries: Hurts faced various minor injuries, including sprains and contusions, affecting his performance and raising concerns about his long-term durability​​.
  • Ankle Injury: In a Week 12 loss to the New York Giants, Hurts sustained a Grade 1 high ankle sprain but was optimistic about a quick return. He ended up missing only one game, returning after the team’s Week 14 bye with a notable performance against Washington​​.

2022 Season

  • Hamstring Injury: Early in the season, Hurts dealt with a hamstring injury that limited his mobility but continued to play through the pain​​.
  • Shoulder Strain, Sprained AC Joint: In Week 15, Hurts suffered a shoulder strain, originally feared to be a more serious collarbone injury. This led to him missing two subsequent games but did not prevent him from playing in Week 16 against the Dallas Cowboys if it had been a must-win game​​​​.

2023 Season

  • Knee Injury: Reports indicate Hurts dealt with a knee injury during the season. He wore a brace in the second half of a game against the Miami Dolphins but did not miss any games due to this issue​​.

Additional Injury History

  • 2018 Ankle Injury: While at Oklahoma, Hurts suffered a high ankle sprain during a game against Tennessee. This resulted in him missing three games​​.

Injury Prevention and Management

Jalen Hurts’ injury history has prompted a significant focus on injury prevention and management. He has employed a team of medical professionals, trainers, and physical therapists to help him stay in peak physical condition. This comprehensive approach to health and injury prevention is essential for any athlete seeking a long and successful career in the NFL.

The Bright Future

Jalen Hurts’ journey in the NFL, marked by injuries and adversity, has also been characterized by resilience and determination. His unwavering commitment to improvement and his ability to bounce back from injuries have earned him the respect of his teammates and coaches. While the road to NFL success is never easy, Hurts has shown that he has what it takes to overcome obstacles and become a true star in the league.


Jalen Hurts’ injury history is a testament to the challenges that NFL players face throughout their careers. While injuries can be setbacks, they can also serve as opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Jalen Hurts’ journey, filled with injuries and triumphs, showcases the resilience and determination required to make it in the NFL. As he continues to grow and develop as a quarterback, his ability to overcome adversity will be a key factor in determining his long-term success in the league.


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