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Nike Shoe Lineup 2024

Nike Shoe Lineup 2024

November 13, 2023
Nike Shoe Lineup 2024

Nike Shoe Lineup 2024

Nike’s 2024 sneaker lineup is shaping up to be a mix of nostalgia and new-wave fashion, keeping sneakerheads on their toes with an exciting blend of returning classics and fresh designs. This post delves into what Nike has in store for 2024, referencing insightful articles from Sneaker News, SNKRDUNK Magazine, and unfortunately, due to access restrictions, we couldn’t review the content from Complex.

The Return of Legendary Dunks

2024 is set to welcome back three iconic Nike Dunk Lows from the early 2000s. The “Ultraman”, “Reverse Curry”, and “Silver Surfer” models are making a comeback. The first two were originally CO.JP exclusives, while the “Silver Surfer” featured Marvel Comics’ character on its insole in its original iteration. Though it’s uncertain if this detail will make it to the 2024 version, the excitement for these retros is palpable​​​​.

2024: A Foamposite-Friendly Year

Nike is reviving the Air Foamposite One with two iconic colorways: “Royal” and “Eggplant”. The “Royal” variant reintroduces details like the black/blue carbon fiber shank and blue outline on the Swoosh, reminiscent of the original 1997 designs. The “Eggplant” version also promises to stir nostalgia among Foamposite fans​​​​.

Air Force 1 Takes A World Tour

Nike’s Air Force 1 lineup for 2024 includes the “City Pack”, featuring unique designs for Las Vegas, Seoul, and Shanghai. Each design pays homage to its respective city – Las Vegas draws inspiration from its neon lights, Seoul from nighttime reflections, and Shanghai from the local love for Wheat-colored AF1s. This diverse range reflects the global impact of the Air Force 1 series​​​​.

The Air Sunder Max Makes a Comeback

Renamed as Air Max SNDR, this once-must-have shoe in NYC, especially in Uptown/Bronx, is returning to the spotlight. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Air Max Sunder is set to re-release in its OG colors, reaffirming its status as a beloved classic in the Air Max lineup​​​​.

The Air 180 Returns in Proper Form

The Nike Air 180, known for its 180-degree Air feature and part of the History Of Air series in 2005, is slated for a true-to-OG re-issue. An inverted “Full 180” colorway is also on the horizon, reviving another classic silhouette for modern audiences​​.

Mule Fanatics, Rejoice!

The Nike Clogposite, once a post-game relaxation shoe, is making an unexpected return. Originally a niche offering, rumors suggest a potential collaboration with Supreme, which could elevate this unique silhouette to new heights of popularity​​.

Additional Insights

The Nike Air Max 1 ’86 “Royal” is set to be released as a women’s exclusive during the Air Max Day celebrations in 2024. This model will feature the “Big Bubble” window, a notable aspect of its original design​​.

In the realm of skateboarding, Nike is preparing a special Valentine’s Day release with the Nike SB Dunk Low inspired by Paris, the “City of Love”. The design will feature the “Red Thread of Fate” motif, adding a romantic twist to this sporty silhouette​​.


Nike’s 2024 lineup is an exciting blend of heritage and innovation. The return of beloved classics like the Dunk Lows, Foamposites, and Air Force 1 City Pack, alongside fresh takes on other models, underscores Nike’s commitment to honoring its legacy while pushing the boundaries of sneaker culture. For sneaker enthusiasts and casual fans alike, 2024 promises to be a year filled with must-have releases and nostalgic trips down memory lane.

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