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Is Walmart Open on Christmas

Is Walmart Open on Christmas

December 4, 2023
Is Walmart Open on Christmas Day

Is Walmart Open on Christmas Day?

Christmas, a season filled with joy, festivities, and, for many, a flurry of last-minute shopping. Walmart, a retail giant, often comes to mind for holiday shoppers. However, the question arises during this festive season: Is Walmart open on Christmas Day? This blog will explore Walmart’s operating hours during the Christmas period, covering Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after, to help you plan your holiday shopping seamlessly.

Christmas Eve

Last-Minute Holiday Rush

Christmas Eve is known for its last-minute shopping frenzy. As families finalize their holiday preparations, Walmart typically adapts to this demand with extended hours.

Store Hours and Tips

Most Walmart stores are likely to have extended hours on Christmas Eve, opening early and closing later to accommodate the holiday rush. However, hours can vary by location, so it’s crucial to check your local store’s schedule.

Shopping Advice

  1. List Making: A thorough list can save you from the chaos of forgotten items.
  2. Morning Visits: Shopping early can help you avoid the crowds.
  3. Deals and Discounts: Keep an eye out for holiday specials that Walmart might offer.

Christmas Day

A Time for Family

Is Walmart open on Christmas Day? Typically, Walmart has chosen to close its stores on Christmas Day to allow employees to spend time with their families.

Store Closures

As of my last update, Walmart stores have been closed on Christmas Day. This decision aligns with the company’s policy to give employees time off to celebrate with their loved ones. However, always verify with your local store or Walmart’s website for the latest information.

Online Shopping

Walmart’s online store remains open, offering a convenient option for last-minute digital shopping, with the added benefit of post-Christmas sales previews.

The Day After Christmas

Post-Christmas Sales

The day after Christmas, often called Boxing Day, is renowned for its sales and return rush. Walmart reopens with significant discounts and deals.

Hours and Sales

Walmart stores typically resume regular hours the day after Christmas. This day is marked by clearance sales, with notable price reductions on holiday items and much more.

Shopping Strategies

  1. Plan Your Purchases: Review the sales in advance to target specific deals.
  2. Early Arrival: Some deals may be limited in quantity, so consider getting to the store early.
  3. Return Policies: Keep in mind Walmart’s return policy for any post-Christmas exchanges or returns.


Understanding Walmart’s holiday hours around Christmas is essential for efficient holiday planning. Be sure to check for the most current information as store policies and hours can change.

Remembering the Spirit of Christmas

While we focus on shopping and deals, it’s vital to remember the true essence of Christmas – sharing, caring, and spending time with loved ones. Whether in-store or online, let’s cherish these moments and the joy they bring.

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